An Inefficient Life

via Daily Prompt: Inefficient

Anyone that has resisted death to embrace life has had to deal with inefficiencies.

Afterall, who gets it right everytime?

No one.

All of our lives are filled with the attempts and the failures.
It is the struggle to be efficient that lands one the brass ring.
It is trying that keeps the human race moving forward.

But, if one measured attempt versus shortfalls of those attempts, one could honestly say,
the Human Race is inefficient.

How many of us tried to paint a landscape, with humorous or poor results?
How many of us try to sing, only to realize one’s notes are not pleasant and only worthy of causing dogs to howl?
How many of us wanted to be star football players in high school only to find the ultimate knowledge, we were simply not gifted?

But, the Human Race is stubborn, with every fledging bird thinking it will fly in one direction or another.

How terribly boring it would be if all of us were efficient in our attempts.

The world is much more interesting, in my view, since we are inefficient.