3 Quotes – Day Three – Truth After Lies

My final soliloquy on the pursuit of Truth follows.
“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Winston Churchill

Thanks to Curiosity for tagging me in this exercise.

This is much more prevalent today than at any time in the past.


Technology makes it so.

In the recent past of “yellow journalism,” a specific newspaper could make up half-truths about, let’s say, a presidential candidate.
Usually, on page one.

Not every voting citizen would have access to this paper, and would thereby likely hear an interpretation of the truth from a neighbor.  So, a half lie becomes colored and flavored at each retelling.

This took time, as the traveling of the half-truth was limited to reading or retelling.
Days were quite possible for the propagation of the “fact.”

Given the newspaper would have to print a retraction, the retraction would not be on page one, but likely page 22, and in small print.
“The article was wrong”

Please contrast that with today’s environment that you and I enjoy.

Whether it is a television newscaster, a magazine or newspaper article, the competition is now instantaneous, with the internet, cell phones, and social media.  Just because it is printed in one of these mediums does not mean it is a complete truth.
Indeed, the old-fashioned media are truly rushing to judgment to beat the technology. i.e. there are more half-truths printed and stated than ever before.

Yet, these half facts, half lies, can propagate around the world in mere minutes, second by second to any of us with access to cellphones.

I bet you can easily think of an example where arguments are normal as each side quotes their”facts” as proof, and

we in the public stand firmly confused.