3 day-3rd day Quote, A Male Perspective of The Pairing

Thank you Nafy for Nominating me for the 3-day quote challenge.

The pairing of energies is a natural thing.

In nature, one can find billions of examples.

But, only the human species seems to have a conflict at the heart of this pairing.

Further, only the human writes, sings, and paints the Pairing.

We even have specially trained humans order to provide a way out of a conflict.

Mark Twain was a wonderful humorist and writer.  He quoted:
”What would men be without women?  Scarce, sir, mighty scarce.”

So, we grow up trying to find our pair, our mate, some believing, we will live happy ever after, or “till death do us part!”

“Now, I am praying for the end of time.” Another old quote about the pairing.

Still, is the problem the pairing or the self-expectations from pairing?

I wonder.

In the animal population, there seems to be order, and understanding of one’s roles, a limitation of expectations

Could this be the secret of pairings, or is it just the human species stuck with conflict?

I wonder.

Vive la Difference.

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