To Be Above the Common Fray

We are told that math is the universal language that even peoples from another world would understand.  For this world, I consider this one formula to be universal.

Eg = 1/Iq


Does that formula look familiar to you?

Here is a hint:


Any ideas?

Eg = Ego
Iq = Intelligence quotient

Therefore, as the Ego goes up, the IQ must go down.

Ego is meant to be someone’s sense of importance or self-esteem, but in many cases, it does meet reality.

Did you ever try to have a discussion with someone that did not have a firm grasp of the facts, but had a strong opinion, anyway?

Sure you did.  We all have those people in our lives.
Ego grips some professors, engineers, doctors, but also husbands, wives, and children.

How much more pleasant could discussion be if I actually listened to you and you actually listened to me, and we digested each other’s points.
Then, formulated our answers.

But, that will not happen.
Eg = 1/Iq