Creative Talent and Passion and Frustration

Anyone can write!
But, does anyone want to read it?

Anyone can sing, or paint, or sculpt, or use oratory.
Does anyone want to hear it, to see it, to buy it?


Fundamentally, we all have some creative passion on some level.  Where does one draw the lines?

A creative passion might be something you would do even if there was no one to appreciate it.  You would be driven to do it.

A creative talent might be something that others would marvel at, but likely it would be a creative passion for you.  You would still be driven to do it.

I once knew a man without a formal education.
His words were barely recognizable and his thoughts hard to follow.
Yet, he could carve some of the most fascinating animals from wood with a simple penknife.  His eye for detail seemed incredible to me.  His hands must have followed the picture he had in his mind.  In some figurines, one could almost believe these were alive.
Not just the common subjects like dogs, horses, but he included various birds and insects.

How could he do this?
Was his DNA somehow different from mine?
Was he taught skills by a someone when he was just a child?

Could your genetic code make the difference between mere creative passion and true talent?

In my life, I have tried to be many things.  Athlete, musician, engineer, electrician, mechanic, father, husband.

I could be better than average at those things, but it would be a gross overstatement to say I had talent.

In my summation of all my passions, God gave me a ton of “want to” but only a few ounces of talent.

Regardless, I let my passions run free whenever I can.

I hope others do the same, as the world would be a boring place wherein people failed before they even tried.

“Better to have lost in love, than never have loved at all.”

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