Is it a Real Slight or Imagined?

via Daily Prompt: Slight

Our society has become one where anyone can hide behind a phone or tablet and say anything to anyone connected to Social Media.


I do not need facts.

Indeed, facts get in the way of a good Slight or insult.
Facts get in the way of how I feel, and what I want others to feel.
Facts cannot make me feel differently.

The way I feel is Justified.
I can then turn my feelings into something like revenge and thereby feel better.

The Slights can also become a handy excuse for failure:
“I did not get the job because…”
“I got a speeding ticket because…”
“My professor does not like me because…”

I can be salacious, any Slight can be magnified.

Once it is launched from my phone, hundreds, thousand can read and believe it,
regardless of my real knowledge.

Indeed, the more ridiculous the Slight, the more people Share it, and thereby
the Slight gains in credibility and is thereby repeated more.

A simple dream can become a nightmare for someone else.
I don’t care, I am safe behind my tablet, as my Slight grows and grows.