Dance, When Your Hips Move

Settle down, my little girl,
Let me tell you the good, you are only sensing bad.

You hear me groan to get out of a chair, and you see the snow on my head, you think me as old and slow.

Maybe ancient?

But, I made the highlands when others fell so soon, so long ago.

I spent my life getting right here, at my right now.

I had hoped to pay back all the love I was given for free, and to make sure I heard every river or stream I crossed. (Running water is a resting place for souls, that are willing to stay a while in the embrace.)

I made sure to smile at every child who smiled at me and to try to comfort those children with tears and cries if I could.

I had hoped to still be able to jump that barbed wire fence to the cattle on the other side, and dance like a mad woman at any song that made my hips move. Lately, the hips move so slightly but damn it, they still move.

The cattle seem to be ok without me.

I needed the love of my life, to be his life love.

Along the way, I faced a lot of my mistakes and tearful up comings, while I determined to keep going.

So, while you think this all sad and bad, let me tell you of my life and loving and giving.

I got more than I gave.

But, I lived, a lot, with regrets full of tears. My way has more love and laughter than I deserved.

In your life, little girl, you have to give more than you receive where ever you can.

You laugh at any moment when you can.

You dance whenever your hips start to move.

At your end, I hope you remember the good over the bad.

You love others without expecting anything in kind,
and your life will be one well earned.