Deaf and Blind in a Mirrored Corner- Intelluctual Elitism

If you are of the Intellectual Elite, it is quite likely you will not read any more of this tripe.

After all, you do not need a common man to educate you.

You only listen to those that think like you do!  Right?  Of course!

You could be a college professor with a doctorate, government employee, technical workmate, or the bloke behind the coffee counter that chooses his social media based on what feels good to him.

“Facts” are more like whether you choose low fat or foam.

“Facts” become what you feel should be, instead of what is.

Alert- not everyone feels the same as you do.  Their “facts” might be different from yours.

(I know, you are right, while they are just Wrong!)

All of us have had that family or friend who is always right, always the smartest.

Maybe it was your grandfather!

Likely, he/she had a “win at all costs” model, cheating at monopoly with kids or cards with adults.


And, it is very likely these representatives of the Intellectual Elite are not good listeners, because, they loved listening to the wonderful sounds of their own thinking.

They are the smartest people in the room, always!

Finally, it is quite likely that during a “discussion”, as soon as they sensed someone has a different opinion, they will CRUSH their opponent, friend, or family member.

Not a disagreement, really, more like a dismemberment!

By attacking in this way, they can not be proven wrong!


Have you noticed that these same people had an everchanging group of friends and family members that avoided them whenever possible?

But, what a small price to pay, for obliterating anyone disagreeing with their “facts”.  Their Silence means they won, and will never have to learn from the other side by listening.

So, are you one of the Elitists?

Do you find yourself preparing your coup de gras as soon as the other person begins speaking?

Do you rarely ask someone else’s opinion, because God Forbid, it might be different and better than yours?

Do you get momentary pleasure by forcing your opponent to “shut up”?

Listen to someone with dignity, consider what they say, politely disagree if you do.

Don’t be like your lonely grandfather!

He was an asshole!