Planetfall, How I Lost my Love for Flora? Intro Three

As the heat of their first sex died, I finally rested on my forestern and sighed relief.

“Whew! I am so glad that is over,” I said to myself.

I had been watching them for some time without discovery.

I first the two when they came crashing through the woods, she in front, and the male specimen in dogged pursuit.

I thought at first I should run, then decided to hide.
This is how I came to be a trapped audience of their young passion.

Our Elantian shuttle ship landed before sunrise.  The mothership was still in orbit, as shuttles had been dispatched to various land masses to include the frozen tundra north and South poles, and near the hotter equators, but also examples like this one in a more moderate climate.



My fellow scientists decided to take air, soil, and water samples.

I was left with flora and fauna.  For variety, I decided to collect any animal droppings I found along the way.  I spent the better part of the morning following a trail of a quadruped herbivores.  This allowed me to collect both primary and secondary specimens.

Near where I was recording this collection, I bent to collect an unusual specimen of flora that had prodigiously spread violet petals and a sharply contrasted green stalk.

Sunlight filtered through the trees and made me squint in spite of my eye visor, as I attempted to uproot the plant.  Tenacious as its roots were, all of my attention was the task of releasing it from the soil.

Before I could free it, I heard the laughter of the young bi-pedals, as they crashed through the underbrush and low lying branches.

I first assumed they would run past where I crouched under the cover of the leaves and flowers.

But, imagine my surprise when the female turned to her pursuer nearby and grabbed him.

They were soon pulling on each other as if to control the others’ body.

I felt that violence was about to take place.  My gorge rose in my throat at the mere thought of someone or something hurting other living beings.

Elantians have proudly been peaceful and civilized for more than a millennium.

However, as she was smiling and laughing, I felt that my first impulse regarding violence must have been wrong.

She began to fall as if her foot had become entangled in a root.  As she still had him in her clutches, he had to follow her to the grass.

They were within reaching distance of where I lay hidden.

I didn’t think that my appearance or presence would be appreciated, and we Elantians have a firm policy of not interfering with any sentient beings.

For this reason, I froze in place, like a fly in amber.

My face was close enough to the soil to savor its aroma, while my shoulders and neck were teased and tickled by the plants hovering over my position.

Yet, I soon smelled something else, something musky.
It was their sex glands producing hormones in abundance as they pawed over each other’s clothes.

She rolled him over and pushed him down, threw her long blond hair over her shoulders and began to remove her protective covering.

He stared at her at first in ignorance and then smiled broadly.  He too began to remove his clothing, but more quickly.  I distinctly heard his garments as they were hastily rent.

I began to feel as if I were spying.  But I couldn’t move away nor reveal myself.

Knowing I would have created a strong reprimand from Chief Dr. Harlequit, and I would have had very restricted freedom from that point on and thereby froze my actions.

So, I lay and recorded their movements and sound.

(We record everything upon Planetfall)

We had understood that the females of this world were the more passive of the species, but as I watched them, I realized that she was guiding his every move.  She seemed to be forcing and teaching him.

At first, his clumsy moves were too fast to suit her.  She spent several minutes calming him and adjusting his eagerness.

Now, there was a mutual rhythm to their movements, a rocking, while the sounds emanating from the two were most humorous.

We Elantians have had little need for sex in many centuries.  Procreation is needed only now and again, replaced by science, and the processes that are involved in that are quite simple for a laboratory of note.

We have risen above simple animal lust.  As a result, there is little need for sexual coupling anymore.

Though, as I lay there, listening and observing, I had the most curious sensation.

My own libido seemed to be aroused.

As their rocking and guttural emanations became more animated and faster in pace, I became more and more excited, to my own horror.

Just at the climatic sexual moment, when the couple was at their frenzied peak, she said, “Oh God”, several times.

He, in turn, grunted in a most animalistic way.

I found myself standing, pushing on my worlstoy, and heard myself grunt in kind!

The passion of my moment passed, and I looked down at them in absolute horror.  They seemed not to have seen me!  She probably thought it was he, and he most assuredly thought it was she.

I was most embarrassed and tried to ease back down to the forest floor without discovery.

They were totally relaxed now, unlike me.  I felt most revolted by my own behavior.

The recorder had made note of all of this.  It was against the rules for me to attempt to turn it off or worse, to erase it.

But, how could I face my survey Commander, Chancellor Gronkint?  How could I look in her eye, without thinking of my own sordid behavior?

Could I explain this as a runaway emotional state, caught in the heat of the moment?

Perhaps I could blame the flora spores for my lack of civilization! A type of allergic reaction?

That’s it!  I will blame the flora as having an effect on me!  Everyone but Dr. Couragionit would believe that!  (He wouldn’t believe anything unless it came from a computer.)

I am sure I could modify the toxicology report to a point where some aberrant behavior patterns could be possible in the Elantian psyche and thus disguise my aberrant behavior.

While these thoughts were running through my head, the overheated couple began to simmer again.  I gathered that once the young male had tasted her fruits by her design, he decided it was his turn to take the initiative.

So, they began!

Though their positions had changed, their mutual motion soon became as their last.

Soon, I heard the ‘Oh God’ and the grunt.

This time, I was determined to control my urges.  With a great amount of self-control, though I had started, I stopped pushing on my worlstoy.  Still, my libido screamed for attention.

That was better!

They were relaxed again, and I, in turn, began to gain more control.

I looked at this planet one-star position in the sky and realized that I needed to leave soon.  But, my newly found friends seemed to have nothing better to do than lie in the leaves and mate like a couple Griniskyintes.

I began to think that I should make some kind of noise and scare them away.

I thought, “I’ll throw a rock, they will think someone is coming!  They will then leave!”

While I lay musing, the female began diddling with herself.

It seems as if the male had satisfied his curiosity and his hormones.  But, the female had decided that she needed a little more.

He shook his head in amazement, while she simply smiled and diddled.

With a most determined set of her jaws, she pushed him back down onto his back.  Then her head disappeared from my view.

What was she doing, now?

My curiosity became quite strong.

I raised up just a small amount to view them better.  Her head seemed to be at his mid-body level.

I couldn’t quite see what she was doing.

At first, he seemed to be resisting, but soon his resolve and irritation had been erased and he became more animated.  She climbed on top of him as if to control or dominate him.

Again with the motion, and the sounds.  Again, I felt the pull of my own desires.

I became lost this time and simply did not realize what I was doing.  I knew only that my libido was in control.  Pushing firmly on worlstoy, I came to my knees.

Now, I could see, smell and hear them fully.  It was a totally immersing experience for me.

She began, ‘Oh God!  Oh God!’ again.

He began his grunting, and this time I felt as if I would explode.

I felt as if the cosmos was pulling my very essence out of my body.  I felt one with the universe.  I felt as I had never felt before.

Once more I was on my feet.  Once more I pushed on worlstoy.

I heard a deep guttural voice yelling,   “Ride me!  Ride me my pink stallion!”

Simultaneously, I heard the female yell, ‘Oh God!’

But, her voice sounded very different, this time.

When I came back to my senses, and I realized that I had yelled the ‘Pink Stallion’ thing, I looked down at my human friends and realized that they were looking at me in abject horror.

No doubt, they would consider me horrible and ugly.  After all, they only have four appendages.

Well, five if you consider the small one the male had.

There they were without their clothing, coupling, and there I was self-manipulating my worlstoy like a fool!

It would have taken a very wise mind to realize who was the most mortified and afraid, they or I.

With a reaction that looked like a missile, the male had bolted, leaving his female companion lying on the ground screaming and crying, while trying to gather her coverings to shield her body.

I, in turn, decided to leave as quickly as I could.

I turned and knocked a small tree down that was in my path.  Running through the forest did not allow for full speed, but I did the best I could.

Running back to the lander, I decided I had to lose the ‘corder.

I did not need a record of this day.  Let them punish me as they will.  I will make up some story about an animal scaring me, or perhaps trip and dropping the ‘corder over a mountain’s edge.

I will not have my survey brethren chide me about my performance here for the next two hundred years, until we make our next planetfall, in the Ulsaxiious Sector.

I will be so glad to see a world with three suns again.

As I neared the Shuttle, I slowed my passage and tried to breathe slower.

However, I do intend to experiment with this expression more.  The feelings of being one with everything is something I want to repeat, as my new found toy, my worlstory, will likely demand it.

Perhaps, Chancellor Gronkint might want to meet with me privately.

After all, she does have a beautiful orange eye that seems to look into mine on previous occasions.



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