Listen In Stereo, Join me in the Middle

I know little man! Please, dry your tears.

I know so many fear this day, or tomorrow, or the next.

Nothing but bad news of corruption and double-dealing for all to hear or read.

So many people cry and complain!
Usually, the complainers are failures themselves and have no resort but to attack others.

You fear there will be no tomorrow for you, no air to breathe, no water to drink.

You hear it at school because your arrogant teacher said, “When you are grown there will not be any trees!”

Look around, little man at all of those wonderful trees reaching for God.

Was your teacher correct?
Or, were the complainers correct?


So many want to crush our hopes and dreams because they have lost theirs, because they made bad choices in their lives, and are jealous of all others.

But, look in my eyes, know I felt loss.

Well, well, my heart that was so lost that I was not sure breathing was even necessary.

Sometimes, I despaired and thought of ending my own path.

Look deeply into my eyes, little man.

Tomorrow is not written in stone, though some want you to believe it is done.  Their arrogance and fears only outpaced by their ignorance.

There is a strange small percentage of mankind that wants all right-handers punished because they are jealous left-handers.  The left-handers feel like VICTIMs and feel powerful, though they are really not.

They are just louder!
Louder is not righter.

“The fat lady ain’t sung yet”.

You ever heard that one?

That one came from baseball!

But life is not a game, it is THE game.

Millions of souls died to push us up where we are over many many years, yet we squander what they gave us to pursue, what?

“I am special because I have 6 toes, and I want more than attention than those with 5 toes?”


Treat others as you want to be treated.

Listen in stereo!
“Hear both sides of an issue!”

Drive in the middle of the road because each side has ditches, and your car will get dirty and you will lose your way!

“Most people live in the middle because they only want to live, take care of their loved ones, and to be loved.”

Allow me to occasionally, disagree with you.
“You will be wrong from time to time, though you get louder and louder and still no more correct!”

Sorry, but none in humankind can be right, always!
The average “know it all” is really just a scared bully, one with 6 toes, perhaps.

So, please, little man,
live your life fully and love the people around you, even if you do disagree every now and then.

Do not listen to those horrible, jealous, crabby people.

Instead, listen to the insects, birds, and children laughing.

There is life.
There is the future.

Listen in Stereo and Join me in the middle!