A Well Spent Life Passing Mistakes

Those youth filled days with brightly colored toys are gone.  There were no scars on the outside, back then.

The rebellion against those that birthed me, taught me, released me, also spent, wasted, lost!

In the dawn of my ending, I know little of my beginning as the cacophony of my ignorant years are simply astounding.

My ignorance, my arrogance was time spent foolishly, repeated by so many around me and before me!

Pushing ever again against the balloon that is life with my tiny selfish fingers, I find at the end, no balloon, no brightly colored Toys.

I want to go back and tell so many, “I am so sorry, you were so loving, I was so stupid.”

So stupid to believe the world was mine, that it revolved round me, that I knew all.

Life-Giving Mistakes

Life Repeating Mistakes

Opportunity lost.

Selfishness, so very stupid.