You Got Nothing

Most days I wake up, and I got nothing.

And, that is a little too close to being nothing.

Maybe you do, too?

One foot in front of the other, clocking in for the man, doing your thang, taking care of the kids, or putting the uniform on one more day.
Enough with the predictable crap!

Shit, pasta stains from last night!

Little Meggie threw up again, just as you were putting her down.  Kissed her anyway, didn’t you?  With a little prayer of love.

‘Cause it is the trying for the day that makes it real, make it worthwhile!
Makes it something.

Makes you feel like you are and you will and you should be.

You earned this damned spot on this mudball!

You cannot give up.  You have to try for that small circle that you care about.


But, some days, it does not feel that way.

Somedays, you Got Nothing.

Somedays the mirror screams at you, “Give it up, you is ugly, and useless, and the world is better of with you done, cold, covered, forgotten!”


Maybe, it is the little skinny cat rubbing your shoe, or the smile of the homeless woman in the train station, or dammit, 91.7 is playing your favorite song that makes you think of Charlotte on that one night, that special one, the one where you soared above everything.
She heard only you, and you her.

None of us have it all, nor most on any given day.

All of us usually have nothing, or so damned little our minds are filled with a rush of noise without one clear thought.

But, you get up, get your game face on, pull that uniform on!

Just one more damned day, hoping for that little laugh, a smile, and someone, anyone, sees you.

I stay above dirt to piss off all of those wishing I was below, and for those tiny moments with my baby.

Maybe I got nothing most days,

but today, I have it right!