My Companion-Fear

Oh, Yeah!

I recognize you.

You are fear.

You have been part of me as long as I can remember.

Fear in my first love, fear of my last love.

Fear you were, fear you are, fear you will be!

Scared of the dark are you wee one?
Scared to make a change are you older one?
Scared to fail, all one?

Always there you are,
crippling thoughts, heartbeat, breath.

Can you not step off the boat into the cold waters, knowing fear has your scrotum in both hands?
Can you not cast off the lowsome “love” that is more vampire than partner?

I know you!  You think you have me!

You believe I am your Bitch!

Too often, fear has kept me from flying from growing from throwing out the garbage in my life, keeping the defiled, the smelly, the letches,

It rises as a gorge to strangle one’s throats, aspirations, hopes, creativity.
It has one purpose, to make sure you cannot grow.

And, too often, fear has a friend in Loneliness.

Taste the fear.

Feel the fear.

Know Fears true colors!

Bite the bastard as he rises, take your best breath and shot, leave it jerking on the dirt road of your passing, like any snake your tire passes over.

Fear is not your friend, just a constant.