Chapter Four -The Right Reverend Bill and PoleCat Tom

(Chapter four, have you read Chapt 1-3?)


Tom was smiling again, “I asked her name.”

“Sheila, Sheila Wilson.  I know you, don’t I?” Sheila asked.

“Oh, you might have seen me around.  Listen, I’m hungry.  Could I buy you dinner?  There is a nice, small cafe, just down the street.  I could really use the company.  I bet it’s good,” I smiled my nicest smile, and tried to give her a chance to speak.”

Rev Bill had to smile at the thought of Tom giving someone else the floor to speak.

“She said I could, that she new of the Cafe.  We walked together down the street, to the cafe.  She said the Cafe was owned by Toni, and he still served good, fresh food, at a reasonable price.  We went inside and sat down at the old-fashioned lunch counter.  It turns out that she had a nice, dry sense of humor and a laugh that was wonderful to hear.  Her speaking voice was like silk.”

“I stared at her brunette hair, which had gentle curves in it.”  Pole-Cat put both hands around his head to demonstrate, “Sort of, pulled to one side, to highlight her face.  She had an angelic smile that you could just die for.  Blue eyes, that had a funny curve on the top eyelid, while the bottom eyelid was flat.  Very intriguing! She didn’t wear much make-up at all.”

Tom rolled his eyes, “Was I in love?  Does the big bear poop where he wants to?  You bet I was in love!  Anyway, I decided I needed to know more about her. We talked and talked, and I walked her home.  I asked politely if I could see her tomorrow.  She told me I could.”

“I was ecstatic!  I felt like a river running down a mountain slope.  I have seen young puppies cavorting in the spring sun.  That’s the way I felt.  Young and free, and full of love.  I went back to my flophouse.  I didn’t have a whole lot of money, didn’t have a job, but I was happy!”

“I knew I had to find work.  I started at Toni’s.  Toni was a small fellow, with a gut like you wouldn’t believe!” smiled, as his hands rounded his own considerable gut.  “I guess he enjoyed his own cooking.  But, he couldn’t hire me.  Business was too slow.”

“I tried the gas station down the street, to see if they needed an attendant.  No, had too little business as well.”

“I tried the VFW to see if they needed someone to sweep the floor.  Nope!”

Tom’s face took on a forlorn look, as he remembered.  Still, his eyes sparkled, as he looked back.

“You get the picture!  So, I started taking anything, washing a car, sweeping a garage, odd jobs around a house or business, you know?”

“So’s, I met her that weekend like I had promised.  We decided to take the city bus to the zoo.”  Tom was smiling, again.

“That was a day to remember.  Sheila insisted on paying, “Her treat” she said.

The animals were great.  And Sheila, well let’s just say that Sheila, gave me feelings that were so overpowering, that I just couldn’t think straight.  As the day wore on, I decided to press her a little, and see what she was looking for in a man or husband. ”

“She didn’t want to discuss it, but her mind sent me images of gentleness, kindliness, all of the good things.  I felt encouraged.”

Tom’s smile faded, quickly.  “I spent the next two weeks, working odd jobs anyway, while she was working and attempting to be with her, while she was not.”

“One night, against my better judgment, I opened my big mouth and told her what I believed in.  I could feel her doubt growing.  Couldn’t shut my trap.  Nope, not me.  She thought that perhaps my bread was only toasted on one side if you know what I mean.
I never told her where I came from, but no doubt, I sounded strange.”

“Anyway, I felt her drawing away from me.  She continued to be polite, but, from that moment on, she got further and further away from me.  Another couple of days went by, and it was obvious that I was getting nowhere.  There were a lot of excuses, you see?  Over time, sick relative.  I saw her less and less.”

“By the time I finally decided to leave town, I felt almost suicidal.”

“I wandered for months, hitching a ride when I could.  Fixing a few flats and washing a lot of dishes for eats.  Sometime, later I ended up back here.  Haven’t left again.  And I won’t until the God’s Gate moves again.”

Tom seemed out of steam, like a balloon, once filled with air that was now empty.

His head and beard were pointed down now, and still.  He was now staring out into space, past Bill, of what life might have been!

Bill thought for a moment, and then asked, “What do you mean you won’t leave until God’s Gate move?”  He believed that this might change Tom’s mood.

Tom responded, “Oh that!  Well, you see, the Gate only stays in one place for a while.  It can evaporate and return.  I never got the training to understand why.  I only learned about one-tenth of what I needed.  But, it has something to do with cosmic energies and Gravity Waves, Solar Magnetism, and other things, I don’t know.  It is related to Black Holes and String Theory.  You know?  String allows for something called the “Quantum Gravity Theory”.   I bet Einstein would have trouble with that one, but it might be his answer for his Unified Theory and Gravitational Waves.  These waves resonant you see as they bend the fabric of Space-Time.  I sort of think God’s Gate concentrates those waves and it becomes a river one could ride if one knew how. The gravity field is incalculable, no doubt.  The God’s Gates carries you through the Black Holes I think if your mind can hold and ride the energy.  Just like a leaf floats down with the water current, so do you.  Choosing your destination, I bet, is the hardest thing to control!“

Tom rested a moment, then pointed, “Spots like the Joshua tree over there, is where they sort of peter out, like eddy pools in a river, so you can climb out of the river.  I’ve read every Physics book from your world I can get my hands on, and just can’t grasp it.  I’m waiting for one of the Old Ones to come through.  It shouldn’t be long now if the prophecies are true.  I’ve been here so long, though, they might not believe me or help me.  They would probably think I was from Earth and not Grersidan.”

“Is that where you’re from, Grersidan?  How far away is that?” Bill asked.

“I have the barest memory of Grersidan, so I think that is it.  With God’s Gate, distance is of no concern.  I can’t honestly tell you where I am from.  None of your star charts have helped so far, either.  I thought Grersidan was a small planet in the Orion constellation, but the scientists have only started to map planets out there.”  Tom seemed to be depressed, again, with the enormity of his task.

Twilight came, then the night.  Tom had gone inside, to bed.  Bill could not help himself, his curiosity droves his feet back to God’s Gate.

He could now feel the power.  At fifty feet, he felt a stirring near his eyes.  At forty feet, he felt a pull in the eye sockets.  At thirty feet, his mind felt as if he were in a tornado.  But, at twenty feet, it changed, all became quiet.

He did note there were no birds, insects, even snakes within his sight.

The silence in his mind was a power more frightening that he had ever encountered.  This “location” used cosmic energy to travel between planets and star systems.  Hell, it probably went from one universe to another.

You controlled the energy, and destination with your mind.  So Tom ended up here by accident.  The Old Ones probably needed to go to someplace, and used their minds as a funnel to control the energy into a usable force, then maintained the image of their destination.

He had always thought he had acted as a funnel for God’s energy when he was a child.  Perhaps, he could use this God’s Gate and travel someplace else, using that old talent.

Near dawn, he sat straight up and had an epiphany, and a damned strong suspicion came to him!

He ran back to the shack.

“Tom!  Tom!  Get Up!  I have to ask you something.  By any chance was this God’s Gate near Bethlehem, about two thousand years ago?”  Rev Bill asked with high excitement.

Tom was yawning, rubbing his eyes, and trying to wake up.

“What?  What in Blue Blazes is wrong with you?  Can’t ya let a soul rest and wake proper like?”  Tom turned over in his bunk, with his back to Bill, for a moment.  Then he turned back.  “What you saying?”  Tom sat up while rubbing his eyes, and stretching out his back.

When he looked into Bill’s eyes, he knew the man was beginning to put two and two together.  “Alright damn it!  Fix some coffee and let me wake up, and I’ll tell you what I know, and some of what I think!”

Bill did what he was told, quickly.  He had to hear this!

After relieving himself outside, and sipping on his freshly brewed coffee, Tom settled down and began to talk.   Tilley came in and lay down next to Tom, with her head in his lap.

“Now Bill, I have no proof of this!  I’ve only been here a few decades.  But, I have read about the Dead Sea Scrolls, I have read the Bible several times, and I have researched history as best I could.  I do believe that Jesus was an Old One.  I believe he brought the understanding of One God to this planet.  I believe he also gave it the rules to create a more civilized society.  The Bible is still the most bought book in print.  These books are treasured more than any others on Earth.  Jesus felt the need to help people.  I believe there is a lot of truth in the Bible, about what Jesus said and did.  His miracles were the Old One’s ways.  I have seen some of these myself when I was a child.  I believe that you have a seed of this power in you!  That is until you lost confidence in yourself.  Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Tom looked at Bill’s face and asked, “Why do you have that idiotic smile on your face?  What in the world are you thinking of?”  Tom was a little unsure of Bill’s reaction.

Bill said nothing, but he had a plan. He could still save a soul.

He might save millions, maybe billions.  But, he would learn from his teacher’s mistakes.

He had no need to die to prove his love of humanity!

He would wait for an Old One to come, like Tom.  Meanwhile, he would experiment and practice controlling the outer lying streams of God’s Gate.  Maybe, by the time an Old One came, he wouldn’t have to be taught as much and the Old One would be impressed!

Then he would bring the word of God, interpreted by Reverend Bill, to whatever life was out there killing itself.

He would be the next Messiah!  In his mind’s eye, he saw the power in his future and he felt elevated!

It shouldn’t be long now.  He would wait.  Maybe he should get a haircut and be presentable.

Maybe clean up old Pole Cat and Tilley while he was at it.

After all, first impressions are critical, and one’s disciples are a reflection of one’s Holy Self.



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