So, we all put things out into the ether, hoping someone will like the post, of course.
In my case, I would like to grow as well.

Therefore, I look for Constructive Criticsm, versus simple Likes.

Example:  one could just read something and not respond.
But, this is an excellent way to begin discourse to improve both writer and reader.

The key is, Constructive Criticism.
One could just read and say, “this sucks! “

Quick, to the point, releases some anxiety for the reader.

Or one could add, “It sucked because it was too general and broad.”

Better yet, “this sucked because it was too general as your character was too broad, had no history, and zero depth.  I think it would help if you described his childhood more which might give us more insight.”

For me, that useful comment came from someone in my SPAM folder.

To you users, can we always trust the SPAM label?

Because, today, I found 5 helpful comments within the SPAM folder.   Though they are critical of me, I still gained some useful info.

I have recently been discouraged within this medium we use, because it feels like screaming into the hurricane if you need and want feedback to grow.

Regardless, I will still write because it is cathartic for me.

But, I would like to grow.