Life in Pursuit, Anger in Ruin

Anger. So pure and decided. So dedicated in ruin, yet so clear in purpose. The sun will come up tomorrow after the battle, after the war, and silence will announce the sun rising through the trees. Are we cursed to embrace the anger? Do we have to hate to live? After all the horrible things we said and did, there is the bird flying through the air, the deer silently bending the grass, and squirrels running up and down the tree. Truly, is anger so selfish and necessary, as it only makes the hater so small? A tiny hateful bit of life anger is. So horrible in the moment, yet so insignificant in the cycle of life. My prayer to all of you, give up your anger, so selfish, so insignificant, so wasteful! See it full in the face, see the truth of it, reject it as quickly as you can. Do not be insignificant in your life. Do not saddle yourself with the tiniest bit of anger. Do not waste your life.