Earn, While you Burn

as you get to be twelve and a half, let me tell you about the world and where I would like you to be.


I know, I am old!

You know it. But, along this path of life and misery, I have learned a few things.

Oh, you have all the youth and energy, you play and run and laugh.

But, life gets heavier later.

Let me tell you just some of the problems.

Timmy. Are you listening?

The first danger is pride, and the second is ego.

They are the same coin, just different sides; smelling dead and rotten to your soul, and heavier than Mississippi mud.

The Small Man will spend a lifetime with a matchbox full of meager achievements and a steamer trunk filled with jealousy.

He can lift his success with his ego and mouth, but the jealousy trunk needs a lot of help from stronger folk because the small man is tiny.

The small man has a small heart.

He can say, “that old rich man is a worm!”

And fully believe it with a dark heart devoid of understanding.

Ignorance goes hand in hand with pride and ego, just in reverse. As the ego goes up, the smarts go down, down, down.

The small man has no appreciation for how that rich man became rich.

Or, how a giving man gives it all for nothing the Small Man can see.
A giving man can be a rich man but will be rich inside anyway.

The small man believes he deserves it all, though his matchbox is so tiny.

The small man will scream and cry and be the squeakiest of wheels!

But, when he dies, he has the smallest people in the world with final respects, because the small man never deserved respect.

Oh, he can holler to the winds about how smart and deserving he is, how the rich man stole his opportunities.

Yet he has done so little in life, given so little.

Still, his jealousy of the one that did build, construct, devise did so much.

Are you listening?

You will earn your way!
You will give respect!
Jealousy you will shun!

Your matchbox of smallness will be tiny, while your steamer trunk will be full of achievements and respect!

You will not be a small man!
You will earn!