Heartbeats, Ba Whish, Ba Doom


Nested between the heartbeats,
you first heard the song of life, ba whish, ba doom.

You can hear the song again, you just have to listen to the silence just below your hurried
life.  So loud in its clamor, yet so small in its reach.

In the womb, you heard ba whish, ba doom, and never knew.

But now, life is so layered and grown, you lost the tune;
Ba whish, da doom, ba doom.

Rest your worries and your mind, and return yourself to that forgotten time,
Ba whish, da doom, ba doom:

The silence between the heartbeats in the womb.

Listen again, without the layers of life stifling your soul;

To God, listen again
Ba whish, da doom, ba doom

Feel the freedom,
Ba whish, da doom ba doom

Feel the mother’s heartbeat
Ba whish, da doom, ba doom

It is God

It is the song of life for all

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