Invisible, Surrounded in a Crowd

via Daily Prompt: Invisible

Sometimes, I feel invisible in a crowd.

No eyes seek mine, and I see no other eyes.

Just me, in the crowd, trying not to get trampled on, to keep my balance from the hordes of sheep pushing past me.


Sometimes, I can go the local choke and puke to order a burger, and share my poor Spanish with the guy behind the counter.  He sees me as I order and takes my money, because he is sometimes invisible, too.

Maybe, sometimes, when I was a kid, I did mischievous things to get someone to see me.
But, sometimes, I would like someone to see me, say hi, and maybe joke with me.
Even validate me, every long now and again.

Do you know someone invisible?

Maybe it the small guy at the magazine stand, or the Asian lady selling knock-off purses.

Could be your darkish taxi cab driver that seems angry, maybe he feels invisible, too?

Maybe, you should say hi to them, look them in the eye.

Maybe smile at them? Make them visible, then they might see you as visible, too.

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