That Musical Voice


I hungered tonight for your voice.

Thought I heard it. Maybe not.

Just the wind whirling through the trees after all.

Stopped me though, glass to lips. Eyes frozen forward, head slightly tilted.

That sound of a song, so strong in your heart, that even your anger sometimes sounded like a chorus of angels.

Small children turned to you with smiles when you spoke.

I even stopped berating the cruels of mankind when your voice fed me that delicious sensation.

The sound I had learned to listen to, that my heart yearned for, the sound that made each day worthwhile, now filled by the silence of my day with its vacuum.

Maybe, it is just my memories needing to hear you.

But, I want to hear you, while I listen to the trees, and birds, and bees, and the river. So much to hear, and yet my soul is so hungry and empty.

I want to hear you,


6 thoughts on “That Musical Voice

  1. This was so beautifully written – I just came from the first friday post and I’m so glad that I did! Followed 🙂


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