Nags Head, the Beach

The outer banks of North Carolina.
We could see the Bodie Island Lighthouse, just over there.


We went up to the top of the Lighthouse a few times, to catch a kiss where your mother could not see.

Nags Head Beach so close, with white sand like powder, with all of the rug rats running in and out of the water, screaming and laughing, and having a grand old day.beach.jpg

Seaward breezes blew in our faces, as we watched the waves, and the white tops.

The sea sound soothed our souls, while the sailboats went up and down the coast, moving across the eyes like some kind of silent symphony.

Your hand on mine, my hand on your neck, your red hair frilled, fluttered and ran, while the sun passed slowly overhead, pushing clouds ever away.

Somewhere, way off, someone had a radio playing, wind blowing most of the notes too far to hear.

We didn’t move unless to smile at another, to look into each other’s eyes.

We were perfect, weren’t we?

So long ago.

But, dying I am with the machines burping and beeping and people moving all around.

The fear had a grip on my throat and heart earlier, but I released it just a moment ago
for you.

How I wished I was back there with you and perfection.
How I wished I could have seen you once more.

On my last breath, I will remember you and that wonderful summer day on the beach, and our perfection.

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