And, She Sang to Me

I remember not the words, but the tune was simple and taunting, catching my attention when it went up and down and when it prolonged in one loving note.

But a song from the heart it was, I know that now.


I can almost remember dappled sunlight coming through the window, sometimes in my eyes, sometimes not, flickering back and forth as if the wind had caught leaves just outside.

My neck cradled in a warm arm, my bottom tucked with a hand, gentle rocking it was, back and forth.

You say, memories never go back that far.

But, I choose to believe this moment, one of peace and love and song did happen.

I will pass it along to others if I can.

It will be my gift to the future, given to me, given to her, and before her, and before.

A future of music and peace and love.

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