Clothes Drying in the Wind

You and I saw the Peach Fuzz come in together,
tiny hands entwined,
smiling without guile or torment.

We were the best of friends, running first together, avoiding others.


We shared any change in our young bodies, foretold with giggles and a
“Look at this!”

We both remember the breezes floating the drying clothes naked to the sun,
while we chased our shadows opposite with laughter.

Even later, when you gained weight, and I gained hair, we held hands and listened to each other, the only songs we needed to hear.

Yet, here we are,
some decades later,
You took a left,
I stayed on course.

Your last words to me were, “the world is huge, and I need to explore it!”

Well, I loved our world, the one with me and you.
I never knew I needed to explore the world alone.

I do not know this world where my hand or eye is empty.
I cannot find which side of the drying clothes is where I am supposed to run.

My alone is naked to the sun.
My laughter is silent.
I have no one to say, “look at this.”

I will find another path,
The one without your hand.
I will have more breezes and will listen to someone else.

I stayed on course.


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