“Honestly, why do you think  you belong here?”


His shaky response, “Well, I never tortured small animals, I tried so hard to help elders, and I paid my bills on time.  I did drink a little beer, sometimes too much.  But, I turned my life around and did the right thing by everyone I met for decades!  I became an adult of no sins until I tried for the Supreme Court!”

The Angel said, “Really? that is all you got? Mother Theresa made me cry, and you make me cringe?  I had to send her in the opposite direction.  You know damned well you would not be here if your story were true?”

Harry thought for a bit, knowing his response was so important,
“Ok, I nailed the good person aspect for 25 years or more and had an awesome family!”

The Angel asked, “What else?  You have to be breathing to be considered alive.  Alive is not a qualification to be here!”

Harry just knew he was trapped, “Look, I was an old white guy where I was guilty, guilty, of everything everyone threw at me!  By definition I was guilty of sexual assault, racism, sexism, killing the air, the forests, the earth!  But, here is the deal!  I did none of it.  Nada, not one even of those! ”

Both of Angel’s eyebrow went up, and he said, “well, the allegations sure made sense to me, and there is a history of that on Earth, you cannot deny that!  Even after centuries, I know you white guys killed or raped virtually all.  Ok, Genghis Kahn had a bunch, too.”

“I was innocent!”  he said with emotion dripping from his lips.

The Angel thought for a moment and said, “Well, I am not sure.  You sure seem sincere, but those are horrible allegations.  What proof can you offer me?”

Harry chewed on his lips, twisted his ear, “I had a ton of people that believed in me, men and women of all races and religions.  Only a few allegations were made, and they destroyed me, without facts!”

The Angel said, “Well, ok, that is something.  I have a third cousin named Saras.
He has a ton of puppets that he tells them what to say, what to wear, and where to be.  Their paychecks depend on it.  Some have been with him for decades.
Let me touch bases with him.  We will get back to you.  But, for right now, you stay in the detention cell.  No food, no water, no contacts with those you left behind.
If Georgie vouches for you, you stay here!  But, if he doesn’t, well that is different, isn’t it?  We will have to punch your ticket to the other place!”

The Angel seemed very proud, “We have had a place for Georgie for a very long time.  He is famous to us.  There are only a few people we are as proud of like, Gengis Kahn, Stalin, Hitler, Napolean, and so on.  We are really looking forward to him being here.  He can stand right alongside his peers.  It really makes the place better, though it is very, very crowded with all of you. ”

Harry thought a few minutes more but knew it was useless.

“Why did I have to be a white man?”

The Angel suddenly smiled, then laughed out loud.

He said, “I love you guys.  You are so damned easy to destroy!  The world can blame you for anything, ready, fire, and aim.  Anyone can accuse you of anything, and the hordes pile on.  You have nowhere to hide!”

And, he laughed and laughed and laughed.