A lifetime of struggle I spent

Pushing the rope and the boat

Sometimes the winds helped me, Oft times not

Still, I pushed off to sea everyday when the tide let out

And, I tried to come in as when the tide helped me

Drag my net, I did, as much as it let me

Hoping for a full one I did, Hoping for a better one I prayed

Sea Spray in my eyes, my ears, running down me bootens
Salt stinging, staining the bunch

Hope and the Sea, my life

But, after I die, I hope you remember me, the smile, the laugh, helping ole widow Westhimer or the other, Elaine of the West, and your Grand Dad, Old Whistler,
Cause, my time and yours,

On the Sea of life,

Just one swell to the next, just one storm to survive, just another rise to overcome

You and I, and

what comes after

After I die,

Comes the swell, let my soul go out with the tide