This is not a Diatribe as in a forceful or bitter attack on any Stubborn people out there.
You do exist, though.

Instead, this is a Soliloquoy.  A one-sided discussion or opinion.


(I don’t think I ever understood either a Mule or Donkey as the animal embodiment of Stubbornness.  Any horse person will tell you that fine animal can be cantankerous like the others.)

If you are one of “The Stubborn”, you are very unlikely to read this or admit it, because, let’s face it, “you are invariably right and the smartest one in the room.”

Though some might say Stubborn people are Stupid people.  (They do share the same 3 letters.  Coincidence?  A sister trait?)

Therefore, none of my words will reach you.  You will only have your excuses ready to fire to show me who is boss.

How to know if someone is Stubborn?
(Or You are expert in EVERYTHING.  NOITALL is a mirror trait to Stubborness)

If you lose friends after they have known you a while: a clue.

If you enjoy criticizing someone’s home, successes, any art endeavors:  a clue.

If you have to direct a plumber or carpenter to fix a leak or Set a door, despite the fact you have never fixed a leak or Set a door: a clue.

If your significant other leaves the room when you start on one of your Diatribes on astrophysics: Warning more than a clue.  Trainwreck likely to follow.

Therefore, this is more of a Soliloquy, regardless of any reader. (A selfish endeavor meant for me!)

If there is a reader, thank you!

Early in my life, I stumbled on both Determination and Stubbornness, as related.

Oh, you can use the textbook definition, but in my mind,
Determination is usually a positive selfish pursuit, while
Stubbornness is usually negative selfish human endeavor.

You are in a rowboat in the middle of a large body of water and you are determined to survive.  Or, you have smoked for 20 years and are determined to get in a rowboat to quit smoking.

While Stubbornness usually shows itself for those people that really do not listen to others, only themselves.

A doctor tells you to drop 50lbs.  Rebellion takes place.

“Hell, I have a great life.  I love to eat.  He must have gotten his education in the Bahamas.”  Warning: Heart Attack could follow.

Your wife tells you to turn the TV off and listen to her.
“Nope, Football is on.”  Warning, she has probably been looking for a hit man or feeding you more fattening foods, or to put you into a rowboat in the middle of the ocean.

A neighbor suggests the smell coming from your house is electrical and you should get it checked.

“Really?  Are you an electrician?  Cause I know electrical, and there is no smell here other than you!”

Later, when the fire trucks leave your smoldering ruin of a previous man cave, you find everyone on the planet to blame other than yourself.  Warning, you could be stubborn.

(An aside, not all stubborn people are male, there is a healthy distribution of stubborn females, as well!)

The other thing that I have come to grips with is Stubbornness can be widespread in certain families.

Now, is that nurture or nature?  Is it in the DNA, like red hair, or brothers and sisters learn it to protect themselves from the others?

My opinion is:

Stubbornness is not a virtue.
It is a selfish, wasteful, and thoroughly vile part of human nature.
Stubbornness is a disease and should have an enema to root it out.
And, it is rarely ever self-diagnosed, as let’s face it, you are always right, others wrong.

I like a good Soliloquoy.