Why did you put me here?

With all my weakness, all my sins?
Why must I suffer so much, so many failures, so many horrible endings?

So many others have so much and I have so little!

What should I do?
I cannot change the hatred and jealousesness of mankind.

Why am I here?



And, God asked, “Why would I bring sand to a beach?  Do you think My mind is lacking?  Each one of you brings something.  A brush, a song, a loving helping hand.  You are here to help it all along!  To help your people!   I just watch.  Your selfish bring it down. Your good gets closer to me and Home.  Most of you are as clueless as the blind cave fish your idiots protect.  I put species into decline for a reason.  Better than a world wide flood.  But, some of you are special.  The special I protect.  Your special I watch.  That is where my hope is, not with your clueless ones but the wonderful ones.
Do you think you are wonderful or clueless?  Your choice.”