I found my being trapped between the light and the dark.

A soul meant for the right but drowning in the wrong.

A beauty of children squeezed by the evil.

My very being struggling for breath, while the horrible pinch off my nose, and lie on me to die.

Such is our world where those without souls, but so much power can control you like puppets, our young,  our governments.

Those whipped in a previous time of twisted symbols have gained the upper hands.

Our young, so lost, our young with string, our young without minds, played like puppets.

Few years on this world though you may be, search your souls, not for the payday, but what your children and their children will reap.

While, you too, are trapped by the light and the dark.

Know what you suck today, your children will have to live on tomorrow.

Stand in the light.

Reject the dark though it seems easy, it is wrong.

Your children, your children, your children,

Reject the dark.

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