They say God fills the spaces in our souls when we are quiet and at rest. The reason so many in the world meditate, chant, or pray is to give God a chance to talk with you, fill your soul, and let you rest.


Yet, today, we are never at rest. We are constantly bombarded with earphones, social media, and twisted TV talking heads. In a curious way, could God be talking to us, seeking our quiet time, and not able to find any? Perhaps, the poor humans killing each other, screaming at other, have no quiet time for God to fill their spaces. Perhaps, the hateful in us have become their own God, seeking their own soul, destroying what they have no time for. Atheists claim this is wasted time, but they die too, some in horrible ways. Perhaps, we all need quiet time. Just listen to the silence, even if God is not talking to you, I pray he is talking to someone to help our murderous natures and bring peace to his or her being. Seek the quiet, please, and listen. Is that just the wind, or could it be God?