Who are you?

What happened to you?
Why have you given up so young?
Others like me see you.

You look down so you do not have to look at anyone.

They cannot see the disappointment you feel.

Your shoulders hunch forward like you carry the weight of the world, a weight you never wanted, with a sadness that show in those eyes.

I know!

Your dreams as a little girl have been trashed, and right now you feel there is no hope.

A failed love perhaps?
A new soul from that failed love, now yours?
You think you are alone, and there is no future.
You could be right about your past, but so wrong about your future.
Inside those eyes that see only the ground, behind those crushed hopes, there is strength, intelligence!
Those can transcend those failures and make mockery of your past, if you will try.
How, you ask, when you have so much responsibility in this new soul?
Despair does not allow for hope.  Despair covers every ray of light that surrounds you.
When one has no hope, one cannot see an opening to another way, a better way.
Yet, there is a way.
There always is.
That is Life, though it is a different path from the one you plod every waking moment.
A friend has to help you with despair, to lesson the load to allow you to find an opening.
You have abilities, that maybe you buried, forgot, or covered with despair.
That forgotten talent is your opening, a way forward, a way out.
It is not magic, it just needs you to trust and let it out, let the light push the despair away, let the hope fly.
You only need the right friend to help you with your load to give you hope.
I wonder how many millions that have lost, could have changed their fates, with someone that just cared enough to listen, to lend a hand, to lessen their loads?
You are not alone.
Ignore your despair.
Reach out for a friend.