The Four Angsts in Life

In this century, Millennials get a charge of likely living with their parents, shifting from job to job, addicted to social media and more dire accusations.

These same Millennials state their heads were filled with false hopes of “being anything they want to be!”

Many now in their late 20’s or 30’s are filled with self-doubt, because they did not achieve the status of a princess, an astronaut, or a singer in front of thousands.

If it makes a Millennials feel any better, your parents went through much of the same crisis, self-loathing, and missed opportunities navigating their life.

One only has to read your mother or grandmother’s teenager diaries to see the same patterns.

They, too, were filled with doubts about themselves and their futures.

They, too, doubted they might not live up to their own expectations or their parents.

So, what is different, specifically for Millennials?

Social Media – for the first time in history, one can easily see what thousands of others are achieving and see how pretty they are. One might endlessly performs selfies to get anyone to respond to them.
This will increase one’s self-doubts.

Parental Guidance – for the first time in history, the bulk of parents are trying harder to be friends than parents. “Participation Trophies”.
Though the words “created equal” are wonderful, there will always be homo sapiens that are faster, smarter, more determined than their classmates. One should not fault the children, but the parents for this point.
Parents actually should guide and prepare children to live, not just exist.

Challenges – for the first time in history, we are protecting the weaker, while nature abhors the weaker. One does not get stronger by laying down and reading our phones. One gets stronger with stress to the brain and body.

Political Correctness – for the first time in history, one is only allowed to say what he or she thinks if he or she carefully constructs the sentence to ensure no living soul could be insulted in hearing it.
P.C. is cultural constipation, and our recent history proves it.
ex: A short body, tailless amphibian with a watertight ass, that is carnivorous in nature, and can likely be found near bodies of water.

Cannot we just agree we are speaking of a frog?

Oh dear! Will, that offend the frog?
No! But, it might offend a few Millennials.

In summary, be assured we are not created equal in terms of talent, opportunity, or intelligence.

But, one can improve any position by digging in with both feet and struggling to become better, regardless of talent, opportunity, or intelligence.

Do not become a Millennial.
Rise above the label.
Achieve everything you can!