Old Energy

You all know that sometimes when you walk from one point to another in your flat or house and touch a doorknob you get shocked!

One might drop ones drink or call out in profanity because of that electrical discharge, and it hurts!

Be wary you carpet people!

Or, You sexy silky underwear people!

You females that fluctuate during the month because of your sythentic underwear, your chemical and salt make up. Be alert!

Those gender benders that love to wear those sexy clothes, do not touch your computers after you dance to the music.

I say this in the declarative, because it is not part of us, but all of us.

Technically, your body is at a different electrical charge when still and at rest, than when it is opening the pantry, reaching for the cookies, or Vodka.

Silky thongs enhance on so many levels, that are not compatible with electronics.

When you walk, each step is at a different electrical charge than the step before it.

So, that feeling you get from the doorknob, and you say


That is Nature!

Did you ever look up from your phone and see lightning course from one cloud to another?

Or, maybe, your heard that huge crash of a lightning stroke that made it to a tree nearby?

Yep, that is the big brother, (way bigger brother) of what you felt like shuffling across the carpet.


Folks in San Jose Know very little about electronic damage after a storm, but they can tell you about earthquakes.

Folks in Ft. Lauderdale can describe to you in detail, how electronic shit died after a lightning storm, but not so much about earthquakes.

The last ice age was some 12,000 years ago, before any frigging IPHONE.

What caused that ice age?

Lightning? Nope, always been there.

CO2? Nope, always been there. One volcanic eruption erases all of the cars that ever existed.

Well, how about all of that Static Charge, the cloud to ground strike, requiring millions of volts to turn air into a conductor? Nope, always been there.

What is new?


A knowledge that seems to spread without history, without facts, fueled by sensitivity and fear.

Social Media.

Be alert to hypersensitivity, because all of the physical shit can be measured, evaluated, and put into a bucket that will not represent your feelings or opinions.

Your sensitivity cannot be measured in a labortory.



Enjoy your life

there are myriad wonderful things to love, see, enjoy!

The National Park Service should be your first stop when you are overwhelmed by