Along the Dirt Path of Life

Met a young one tonight
No guile, no lies, never thought of what I could do for him!

The quiet exchange between our souls,

His smiles were without a thought, they were natural, spreading from East to West.

In me, he saw a friendly soul, someone wishing him the very best.

His future is wide open from soup to death, and yet

His smiles were for me, for that moment, without a lie, my smiles were for him, without a lie.

What can I do to honor his trust?
What can I do to help his path?
I am the one with the miles and tears and words.
What can I do for him?

His smiles, my honor.

His trust, my honor.

His life, all our honors.

His future, wide open, written without words.

Mine, a dirty road of mistakes.

I wish I could keep him clean on an uncluttered path, but no doubt,

His, too, will be dirt painted with a path filled with, who can he trust? Who can he honor? Who wishes him the very best?

He will live.