Songs with Hate

There are songs with Hate in the title, but there are not many and most are a modern day invention.

Hate is a full-blown emotion that does not allow for the intrusion of facts.
Facts do not matter to the Hater!
A Hater just wants to destroy that which she or he hates!

I am curious?

Haters? Why do you hate?

Is it jealousy? That most selfish emotion! Jealousy!

Jealousy caused by someone you know that is more successful? Note, it is quite likely the person you are less successful than has worked harder in a given area than you.

Jealousy caused by someone that is more popular than you? Is it possible they are more popular because they generate a glow of positivity, thereby attracting others? Or perhaps, they are kinder to people? As opposed to your horrible glow of hate!

Or, someone whose ideals are different from yours, perhaps their racial or gender identity? This is the oldest one in the book since it follows survival tendancies of the oldest part of the brain, the rear brain.
But your modern brain can overcome it.

Ask yourself to be a thinking person, a caring person, not a hater.
Haters see the world in a thoroughly selfish way, with very few facts to support them. Hater rarely find friends in different walks of life as they have to gravitate to other haters for “friendship”.

Or perhaps, you truly believe you are smarter than everyone else. Poor little thing. You are not.

I prefer a song of hope, love, tomorrow. Its sounds please me, as opposed to your hate filled noise.