Death After Birth (with Audio File)

And, I see the truth as it touches my heart, but confused by the devils’ sights and sounds of destruction.

I know the wrong. I feel the right. A gray does not exist, though lies are aplenty. If they want to kill the innocent, the ignorant, to further their power, they are not intelligent, but unholy.

Reject, the annihilation. Rise for life. Sing for the future. Allow the power of good to fill your minds. Turn not a cheek, as the arrogant ones are monsters and animals. Turn instead to stand and deliver, and say, enough!
Souls freshly born, have not guile, no lies, no corruption, no power, and yet there are those that believe they are nothing. Let their loathsome haughty lives be lost instead.

Let the ones for hope and future be heard proudly and loudly.
The pitiful arrogant ones filled with their knowledge of all power can starve in their future jealousy of ignorance.

Life belongs to the hopeful. Death belongs to those that cannot, do not, will not, and all of the jealous of the future.