A Future of Respect

To The Future!

To friends and family, lets set a new standard.


LOUDER does not make RIGHTER!
Louder just upsets stomachs.

Louder will get you lonely just before you die!

Louder will just mean you are turned off sooner as if you are Tadpole Jelly.

Grasping for that long last breath is the most frightening in all, yet many reading this will believe it is not them. Till it is their last breath!  Till the fear is theirs.

And, they are alone!

Ah, Right there?
Did you feel that little squiggle in your stomach?
Then you probably are part of the loud, and likely to die alone!

One future must be based on MUTUAL RESPECT!
Disagree, but listen.

Or, as I like to say,

Listen in Stereo, but join me in the middle for our Future!

I likely do not have a lot of time left.

My clock will have few sweeps left, compared to most.

I have challenged this life clock 7 times so far. My last challenge was the most documented, not the most serious.

Though only gone from life some “five minutes” or so, I did not see God to my dismay. I wish I had, it would have comforted me, and maybe you.

What did I see upon awakening was a world of confusion and hatred that rocks me during sleep, nightmares and upon sunrises.

Our world is full of whiners and complainers. Fed and amplified by technology.

New mirrors abound, wherein one can see oneself and send the image out to so many others.

Suddenly, the idiots are listened to. Not one bent ear, but myriads, building a cacophony never heard in nature since the first light.

Our own self-importance becomes the reason to hurt someone else?

Our own self-importance to distort the truth of the past, present, and future.

Bullies of now! You hide behind miles of ether distance, leaving not a real footprint on life, but suddenly have a voice and an audience.

Be ashamed, you are low and slow and useless.  Should your technology fail you, you would be like a newborn left in a dumpster behing a laundromat.

I have changed. I am done with Political Correctness.

I am done polishing your Ego. I am done supporting you when all you do is take from everyone around you.

I can die right now, and be thankful.

You can die in 50 years, or one, dreading, fearing, crying, begging for help.

Because you earned your pain, through a pipe so small as to be ridiculous.

If you thought my words ignorant or hurtful before,
Oh Katy! Bar the Door!

There is a whole new honesty that will come to your doorstep.

If these words upsets you, you are likely NOT part of the selfish, as you likely have a conscience.

If this note does NOT upset you, you are likely my target.

Get loud, get in my face, and earn zero respect, be you, friend or family.

You loud ones, with scathing words for others, hiding safely tucked behing your keyboards, look to your future.

Look to die in fear and alone.