Soaring Souls

The northwest winds flute through the pines, a tune singing to the ear, while fir tree limbs sway to and fro in the night, waving to the moon.

A sensitive eye would see newly tried wings, testing the breeze, feeling the dance of the branch.

Frothy cloud tendrils sweep by, behind and above, hiding moon and stars in time.

Now, now, is the diver, dropping, plummeting, with a graceful ease towards the sweet moist earth.

Speed now attained, wings fully open, straining up, ever up.
Twist now, turn and spin, relish the wind, embrace the speed.
Feel your freedom, forget your past.

To my earthly shell lying in the earth, I bid adieu, “I give you to God.”

My soul released from Earth, is free to soar and spin to the night, as it was before and will be ever more.