God, Can I have Another?

I want the smiles, the laughter, the births of the young one, the music that makes me smile and dance like a madman, the chocolate ice cream dripping onto my shirt, the puppies playing with my shadows chasing their tails while I can only watch and laugh, and someone says nice things about my smiles, and the table has more food and people run round and round, and Aunt Loise can just fill her plate, while she never stops talking or laughing and Tommy is chasing Billy, Uncle Peanut is dancing on stage like the old Zoot Suiters, and Uncle Luther banging on the 5 string, and some girl sees me, catches my eyes, time stops, we smile. A moment, layered on moments of life, piling on top of me, and I feel life and love and peace, with no fear of bad. A moment, my moment. Could I have another? Please, God. Can, I have another?

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