A Time of Ignorance

There is an old Chinese curse that is something like,
“May you live in interesting times!”

A time of ignorance and arrogance lists in front of us. The Ignorant ones drive us, while their youthful pride nourishes them. What will they do when things are broken? What can they do without life knowledge? Will they turn to the false education they were given, or can they turn to older ones when their bellies are sour? A mere superstition, this God? A fantasy of the weak you say. When one is faced with failure and hunger, can one remain so proud? I think not.

I think the prideful cannot fight the wolves, but only feed them.

Let your arrogance guide you, and let nature use you, and let the future teach you what is true.

It will not teach you arrogance buoyed by ignorance, other than feed your oblivion. Millions died before you in fear.

Know this is your interesting time.

Your time of ignorance.