what a newborn seeks from his mother, while suckling,
What anyone of us seeks from our friends.
What we seek from religion and music and art.
What a person without a home seeks to look someone in the eyes and that person looks back,
What any animal looks for in other animals.

Acceptance.  To be part of, not isolated from.

When the wind and water threaten our lives, we seek others that will help and accept us, give us high ground and shelter.

Given the best of human nature, we accept that one is short, or the other that is darker, or that one with funny red hair.

Still, yet, Old Uncle Bill, though he never learned to read, all the children loved to hear him sing. Old Bill would plink on his guitar and sing that twang of his and the children clapped and tried to sing along. Bill, unmarried, and lost in the world, needed acceptance from the children.

At our worst times, we single out someone different not based on any facts, but our feelings and want to crush them.
Ignorance here, not acceptance.

The most basic feeling of life:


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