A Sudden Change in Softies

Who am I writing this for and why?  Oh well, it is something to do.
God gave me an ounce of talent with a ton of ‘want to’ from before.
But, now I find myself the best singer, poet, teacher, politician, and suddenly it is only my opinion that matters.
No regrets there. I am thankful.
I never stood out.  I was never special back before.
With my poor posture, and mousy brown eyes and hair, you would very likely pass me by without a glance.
My mother would harp, “Shoulders back, head high.  You must act as if you are somebody!”
Sorry Mom, never felt it from back then.  Now, I am the only body.
The crazies of the world had conspired to destroy everything NOT them.
I would have been a likely target sooner or later.
Their passions became everything, and the passions were full of propaganda, though they were ignorant of the puppet strings attached to them all by the puppet masters behind the curtain.
They were superior. They were intelligent. They were right.
There was no longer any room for other opinions.
Their corner was the only corner.

Let me give you can give you a brief history of the end of the World:

World War II, the Nazis Third Reich would take over the world.  Nope.  Lost by Ego stretching too far into Russia.

Nuclear Bombs with Duck and Cover.  Atomic Warfare never happened, though many nations were primed and ready.

End of civilization 1999 computers failed.  Not even one.  But, there was a bunch of people made rich from that fear.

Climate Change with oceans rising, Global Warming.   Billionaires were made with this fear.  Missed that one as well.  Well, there was that one island in the South Pacific that was losing real estate, but then it was discovered the island was sinking.
Oh Well.
In the very end, it was the nuts, the crazies, the extreme ones, the INTELLIGENT ones, the Elites, that could not, did not survive.
Earth made it, though badly bruised.
The Softies could not stand the light, could not stand the truth unless they made it up. Softies had no balls, only anger, and unhappiness.

Superficially hoisted egos fed by universities, who took all money possible.  I am a Doctor of BS!  I am a scientist!

Meanwhile, there were a few Billion on the planet that just wanted to love and take care of their children with no views of taking over the world.  Most had no education.  Most struggled for clean water.

But, they all died! None of their crying or whimpering is left now.
The silence of their “rightness” is awesome.

The last news bulletin I got on my phone was there was a comet on a target course for us.

We were told it would hit somewhere in Europe.  It was a “planet killer” they said and we should all make our peace, last goodbyes, last loves, and prayers.  Our various orbiting telescopes and spacecraft missed it till it was only a few days away.

The world military tried very hard in the last few hours, shooting any missile capable of hitting it with everything from conventional weapons to nuclear.

I believe they pissed it off but did not stop it.  There were chunks broken off and they would hit us as well.

It came from the general direction of Pluto, our “scientists” said.  It would hit Greenwich, +1 hours time.

While most of the world was dark and quiet, and egos were thankfully asleep I guess.

The ice ball was about the size of San Fransisco, I heard.  I think 50 sq miles if you included all the chunks the military broke off, and the chunks our atmosphere caused to break.
The shriek heard round the world was it piercing the stratosphere at 60000 kilometers an hour.

The fireball could be seen in all 24 times zones for a few minutes, as it reflected around the world through the atmosphere, as flames leaped higher than a commercial jet.

The colors started with Crimson, moved through a white of a welder, and into the ultraviolet if your eyes still could see.  Most were blind by then.  I was below ground so my eyes were spared.

But, then it hit Earth, around Glasgow Scotland where incalculable metric tons of earth were thrown into the atmosphere which would darken the sun for months, plunging temperatures into another ice age.
The shock took everyone off their feet, it pulverized the earth.  There was no seismic scale for that level of shaking.

After the shock, there was silence as the waters of the world receded away from the beaches, unlike anything seen since 12,000 years ago.

But, then they came plunging back and killed countless more lives.  A nurse told me the waters were a few hundred feet high according to reports she had heard.

Then, the magnetic North and South poles flipped again. Only the dinosaurs would remember that one. None of the Climate Change passionates would as their histories never went back far.
No doubt, animal eyes were wide with fear, running left-right and down.
I can imagine, Humans decided it was time to release their bladders, while they cried and ran to higher ground or tried to get into bunkers.

Buildings and roads shook and fell with a roar that could not be described.

I look around me now for any sign mankind had built anything other than rubble, concrete, bricks, huge spans of steel.  Occasionally, I do see a sign I recognize, sticking out from beneath.

In those final heartbeats, there were no atheists, no superiors, no left-wingers, no righties, as every single one knew fear to their cores.
A fear that did not care about their PhDs, worldly titles, or how big their house and egos were.
In a single moment, there was only true destruction of all Man had built.
In that final second, Softies prayed for their mommies, or Buddha, or God, none prayed for Climate Change, or a politician that was only a talking head promising Free Education.
Somehow, I woke up, in a hospital surrounded by a CAT scan machine, in the basement of a hospital, with destruction all around me.  People were running to get out, as if they had a chance.
Before this, I had breast cancer with minimal time to live.
Now, I was the only survivor on the spaceship called Earth.
It took me a long while to get my head straight and get past, “why me?”
Then, a level of fear set in that I had never felt before.

Running on fright caused adrenaline, I clawed out of the building ruins. on the sheer drive to live.

Elites were spared pain, I suffered.

Finding water and food became my passion.  Tears became my only companion.

Days and weeks went by, while I collected books, tools, and found a nice place that felt like home, carved from an area that once stood an apartment building.
Thankfully, I found plenty of bottled water and food at something that must have once been a Food store.
Keeping warm was a challenge.
Navigating in the dark was difficult with only small handheld flashlights.

I talk to myself, I joke with myself, sing like I am great, dance because no one is looking.

But honestly, I do not miss the Egos of the Softies, spouting their passionate politics, climate change, how mankind was destroying the planet.

I sort of like it now.  I have me, and that is good for now.

Soon, I will be gone as well.

Who is going to read my rants?  But, it kept me busy writing it, instead of fearing my end.

In the end, we were all beat by an Ice Ball from space.