The Puppet Masters

The horrid power ones tell us they are right and we should believe them. All tell us they know what is best for you and me.
Do they? Why they?
The putrid souls of the horrid ones lead us astray.
We struggle from day to day to make life for our children, while they wear the finest of clothes, eat at the finest tables, driven to work in bullet hardened gas-guzzling vehicles, turning their eyes away from the commoner on the sidewalk.
“Better to use them than to know them.”
They are the elites. They are power.
We are just neighbors, yet, we are the world.
The horrible ones will continue to lie and “lead” us while wearing the smiles of a funeral director, extolling our beliefs
“for us” while an arm is bent behind their backs for the gold of the Puppet Masters, carefully and skillfully placed beyond prying eyes.
Given the veracity of talent to take any fact, and contaminate it the truth for their purpose, their power, they do.
Do you love yours, sons, daughters, spouses?
Tell them so.
Can you believe the Gilded ones?
No, you cannot.
The Powerful ones want only the power, the ones without talent, without truth, without a backbone, borne on false promises. These rarely did anything for anybody building nothing but slick lies.
We…do not matter!
Only the Puppet Masters will survive!
We must think for ourselves!
We must live for ourselves!
We cannot live for the puppetmasters, we will die as mere puppets!
I will cut my strings.
Will you?