Dancing in Life

She won’t tell you of her past unless she really knows you.

Her loving eyes will dart around you, but not look directly.

The pain must have been early and often.  Though even now, someone hurts her, making snide remarks about her hair, her curves, her laugh, her heart.

With her kind eyes and sly smile, you know someone is hiding there.  Hiding from the past.  Hiding from the hurts.

But, she found her life in dancing.

First alone in her room with sounds of the street outside,  she danced and danced as if no one was watching.

She learned when she danced to the music, her pain went away and she laughed and smiled and sometimes cried.

Life went on, the pain came and went, but dancing was her constant friend.

See her now hiding from the pain, smiling, and feeling only the happiness the music brings her.

It never leaves her.  It never slights her.  It never complains.

Her lover, the music, dances with her, and she smiles inside and out.