God Asked me

What is your worth to the world?  What makes you other than sand?  What did you add to the effort to keep the stars shining and spinning?

“Well, I was always trying to help a lessor one!”

Common, many millions before ye!

“What else?”

I tried to help every child crying, lost, alone…

“Also common.  Do you really think there has been no one before you to love the children?”

Well, there is this.  I knew every time I met someone better than me, helpful to me, a gift to the world, where I was in the world, and I would transfer down any love, help, or abundance I got to anyone below me.

God paused.  An eye towards the heaven, a finger pointed at my heart, a hand surrounding the earth and it said,

“So you gave thanks for the people in your life, without jealousy, judgment, or recrimination?”

Yes, I did.

Unless they were assholes.  The same assholes you wiped off the face of the earth billions of times.

I gave thanks to the wonderful people I knew.

A secret for God.

I knew a lot of wonderful people.

Too many to count.

Thank you, God.


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