Da Dream

Da Dream
Success and money, and all of it.

Yeah, I fell short! You?

I did have those moments when I felt happy but layered over by worries of bills, and the baby, the water pump on the chevy was broke.

Yet, there were those times when I laughed like a loon, free of my fears, with a wall to wall smile that my mother would never have approved of.

I never kept score, BUT

I got a lot of first base hits.

Every now and then, I got a second base.

Rarely did I get to 3rd base or “God forbid” a home run?

So, I adjusted.

Thank you for letting me be.
Let me love, let me feel, see, hear.

I feel closer to God when I see guileless children chasing about, their little mouths of

Or, ‘that’ sunrise, sunset , that catches my breath and forces my awe. I feel this soul entranced, as a leaf trapped in the sky, when the music pulls my being closer to heaven and my happiness is in and out, complete…

Thank you, from me, for them. Thank you, for my sounds, my loved ones, my life.

Thanks for my Dream.