Society’s Crippling Power Words

A Frog could be described as
“any member of a diverse and largely carnivorous group of short-bodied, tailless amphibians composing the order Anura, with a watertight asshole.

I added the last four words to elicit an emotional response.

It is just a Frog.

I was born into poverty.  As I grew, I became a funny-looking child.

Both of these concepts meant I was the butt of many insulting jokes and nicknames from people around me.  Bullies seemed to surround me for a long time.

For some reason, it has never ended, though now the jokes are more gentle, my nicknames kinder.

I have been personally attacked because of my race, religion, and gender multiple times, but rarely allowed to defend myself.

I have had one very poor interaction with the police where a .38 service revolver was stuck in my neck.  Luckily, I shut my smartass mouth and survived.

But, as I aged, I learned tolerance and understanding that many others do not seem to have.

There are certain words in every language with an unfair Power advantage.

When these words are uncorked and used, regardless of context or factual meanings, they can be frequently misunderstood and become instantly emotional, causing all discussions to end.

Any understanding that might have been reached between two parties, now gone.

The “insulted” now has an unfair advantage over the “insultee”.

You have heard them.
You might have used them in your own language.

Some of the more prominent crippling power words involve race, religion, or political leanings.

I have a “black” car.  Used in this context, that word is only an adjective to describe the color of an object.

But, dare I say, I have a black friend. Somehow, this changes things.

In one example, I had a black friend with a black car.  In a 55 mile zone, my friend was driving 75, 20 over the speed limit.   A policeman gave chase.  My friend said, and I quote, “He is only pulling me over because I am black.”  I said, “You could have been green and purple, he would have pulled you over.”

Given the context, there will be “insulted”, while the “insultee” has no ability to reason or defend themselves after a Power Word is used.

I can also truthfully say I have gay friends.  Again, given a context, the same crippling communications can exist.

I bet you are thinking of even more Power Words.

“Climate Change” will frequently cause arguments.  One side emotionally believes the words, while the other side is not allowed to dispute.  Do not introduce Sun activity, the tilt of the earth, CO2 in Russia and so forth.  It will not work.

Recently, we learned “lynching” is a dirty Power Word, implying only one race was impacted, regardless of the fact of how many others in history were treated in this way.

Emotional arguments cannot be overcome with mere facts, even if there is evidence from cameras, witnesses or other facts that do not fit the story line.

The Elites, quietly pulling strings behind the curtains, know the Power of these words, to change the world in a fashion that they design.

These Elites purposedly pit the puppets against each other.  The Elites control groups like Antifa worldwide, or BLM in the US.

Directed Puppets to set us against each other.

It is working.

Our society has become constipated, just as the Elites want.

While we argue, insult, kill, we cannot see the truth of what is behind the curtain.  We cannot see the path forward where everyone would be better off.

A world where the “insulted” would not feel the sting as often.

I for one like using all of the words, even those forbidden to me.

I use them as facts, not insults.  My insults are a lot more direct than mere Power Words.

For Society’s sake, let’s cut the strings of the Puppet Masters.

Let’s use all the words properly.
Let’s rebel against the unfair emotional, selfish advantage Power Words give.