Family Season; Good Guests

This is the time of year we begin to gather.

First, to eat and give thanks.

Then, to eat and give gifts to loved ones.

There is one school of thought that says, “I am a guest.”
Does this mean you do nothing but make a mess that someone else has to clean up? To eat like Kings and Queens, and let the servants fix what you enjoy? Let the cook do all the cooking? Let the house do all the cleaning?
You likely know of at least one “Guest” that sleeps late, wanders around, does absolutely nothing to help.  Likely, this one would say, “well, I am a guest.”  Meanwhile, everyone else is in full speed getting Thanksgiving Dinner ready for all of the people coming.
Perhaps, a Good Guest tries to help in some way the ones that sponsor you.
Perhaps, you could skin the potatoes, or perhaps help shop, maybe set out the plates.
Perhaps the most forgotten is to help clean up dishes.
Men, “that is woman’s work.” Right, sit right there with a full tummy while the women clean it up.
But, even if you do not help at all in the kitchen before and after.
Perhaps the very least a Good Guest can do is clean up after themselves, so your poor old mother, aunt, or wife do not have to do everything once you leave.
House before Guests should be close to equal House after Guest,
If you are a Good Guest.