Treading My Path

Each a beginning, a discovery, a first for us.

Each thought of ourselves as special and different.

Me, full of anger, lashing out at the world of hunger and nothingness, to face an enemy that knew nothing of me, and felt not the first of my mighty blows.

You, with your own faceplants and embarrassments.
That journey, to learn my place as you learned yours.

A special path we had, with mistakes and smiles, for each in their own way.

Each day full of wonder and hope, while pain would crowd the mind, forcing out the smiles of loved ones and friends.

From a birth of nothing, till a death of roads hard traveled, each has to go their way.

My path, my mistakes, mine.
Your road, your own.

At one’s end, one has the wisdom of the life traveled with a basket of regrets, with little path left to walk.

God grant me the peace of knowing I did the best I could, with the road I tread.