Career Paths

One’s career is like a book, with an opening paragraph, chapters, and hopefully, a satisfying ending.

Along the way, one hopes for a page churner, keeping the mind engaged and excited, just waiting to see what new character, what new challenge, lies just ahead.

Of course, one has to expect villains and friends, as the coin of life has two sides.

For a few moments, let your mind wind back to a previous time.  This was a time before the tablet, cell phone or even the personal computer.

Imagine if you will, a young man returning from yet another college job interview.  His excitement showed on his face as a huge smile.

He begins to tell his family of his latest, “Oh my God, they are going to send me to California for 3 months of training.  We will get medical coverage, a company car and I will get a tool box all my own.  And, to beat it all, my first year will be 14 Thousand dollars!  Can you believe it?”

Of course, that young man was me, some 38 years ago, and that job interview was with HP.

So began my journey, my Hewlett and Packard book.

Rarely through those years could I picture an ending.  I saw myself still working till breath failed to flow in and out.

(With some sorrow, I now see my HP end is close at hand. (Retired 6/30/18.)

Challenges and Opportunities were given to me to succeed or fail as I saw fit, just as all of you were given.

I am glad to say my Career Chapters were page churners for me, as that young man was given his interview it would seem, just yesterday.

And, what of my characters?  Wow.

I enjoyed many of my characters that I met along the way, who came from far off places, like Chile, Germany, Australia, China, Japan, but also neighbors from Canada and the US of A.

Those good characters crossed all gender, races, and religious backgrounds.
(Though I suspected one or two were from Mars.)

The intellectual portion of the Hewlett Packard work sometimes proved daunting,  the people challenge even more so, for someone like me.

Not even the best of my friends would say that I was always politically correct or tactful.  I usually erred on the side of facts in lieu of someone’s perception.
“Measure twice, cut once” does not capture the impact of pure facts on the human condition.  “A little sugar makes the medicine go down better.”

Along the way, I met many friends that were part of my HP family, but also some customers.  Some worked alongside me on a Christmas, New Year, or a weekend.

And, yes, there were a few villains, but thankfully few.  My villains typically seemed to work for themselves against the team effort.

Many of my friends were my managers, as I sought to follow their lead and make them glad to have me as a soldier, like many of you.

It is an honor to have so many one would call friends.

And, just like most of you, challenges were an everyday happening and were expected.  Sometimes they came in bunches, other times solo, but come they did.  Often times over running my brain cup.  (I rely on a 1k memory in a 1Pedabyte environment)

From the HP point of view, we needed to resolve challenges with as much professionalism as was possible.

Oh, we would gripe and complain to each other, but then dig down to find the answers.  Hopefully, together as a team.

My job trail includes Customer Engineer, Technical Specialist, Project Management, ERT/WTEC, Training, Sales, and Quality.

I leave HP as I began, with hope, some trepidation, but filled with memories of good people and good work.

My book is full and has a satisfying end thanks to many of you.

I hope your book will have a good ending as well.

Thank you.

Henry White
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