Fight for Your Peace

I look at the heavens just now, stars so dim and still, while the waves toss to and fro my little boat, moving like a frond in the water.

I realized what I was missing listening to the water beating against its hull.

The water does not worry, it does not fret, yet, it moves forever, beyond my small years.

I lack Peace.
Peace to listen to someone without judgment.
Peace to love the music around me, in the trees, the birds, things that buzz.
Peace to smile at the children, playing so near, that their eyes are like beacons into my very soul.
Peace of thought, peace in my opinion.

We are all corrupted by violence.
“I will protect myself, I am not a lamb.”

Given an enemy to peace, I will break the attacker if I can. I cannot turn the other cheek faced with some horrible facet of lowly mankind. But, the wishing of peace is not the action of the placid, but a lion.

See that child running with another.
No thought of violence, no thought of competition, only a moment of life to be eaten up with laughter.

We all want peace, respect, and love.

We need to be like lions to grab our peace, not lambs.
Be prepared to fight for it, drive the bullies away.